When you have crabs…

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 2.26.09 AM.png

Me with crabs in 2013

I love seafood. I love crabs. Dungeness, Alaskan Snow, soft-shell, King- you name it, I’ll eat it.

Sure I love a good crab cake (thank you Maryland), I love soft-shell crab battered and fried, and for sure I’ll take my crab in any gumbo, étouffée, soup or stew there is. But my favorite way to prepare and eat crab- simple steam or boil in salty like the ocean water. This method works best with Dungeness crab.

Boil a large pot of water and add a generous amount of salt. Throw in your crabs and let them cook for at least 5-8 minutes. Remove the crab and let them cool just a bit; they’ll continue to cook even after you’ve taken them out of the water.

Whip out all of your crab shell cracking and crab meat extracting gadgets and go to town on your beautiful crabs. Enjoy the sweet and tender meat just like that. I also like to always have some bowls of lemons, butter, and Old Bay on hand too.

Sure you’ll be full after chowing down a couple of big Dungeness crabs, but the beauty of this cooking preparation is that your leftover crabmeat can be used for crab cakes, soups, sushi, or even salads.

The possibilities are endless! Let me know how you like to eat crabs best!

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